Goal Mapping for Business

Every area of any organisation or group, needs to be aligned and goal-orientated for success. Goal Mapping is undoubtedly one of the most powerful empowerment training programmes available to align teams and turn your business goals, aims and targets into realities.

Unlock the potential of your people and your organisation

As such, the most successful organisations will be those that are purpose-driven and principle-led. Such organisations will develop their people into true leaders. The qualities of a true leader are the qualities of success. They are the qualities that produce successful teams and successful organisations.

Throughout history the most successful men and women have been those who developed their natural ability to set and achieve goals into a powerful skill for success. Goal Mapping is a unique whole-brain approach to setting goals that powerfully helps people and teams achieve their targets and desires. Goal setting is a natural function of the brain. Every decision is in effect a goal, which triggers a subconscious process that transforms the decision into an action and into a result.

Combining timeless wisdom with modern scientific breakthroughs, Goal Mapping helps people and teams gain even greater levels of conscious, concise clarity about their goals, motivations and actions. Where traditional goal setting techniques focus on left –brain words and endless repetition, Goal Mapping uses words and imagery, the language of the subconscious.

By creating a Goal Map, the whole of your brain is activated and your goals are impacted on your subconscious, which then works like your personal auto-pilot to move towards the things you desire. By doing the exercise with your business team, you create a compelling and shared objective, sub-goals are clarified, key values are underlined. Next steps and resources are clearly identified. The goal map is signed, owned by the team and will steer it towards achievement and success. Goal Mapping is an authentic system for success and is becoming one of the preferred choice for achievement in business, education and life.

Goal Mapping, is used in the UK by blue-chip organisations such as BT, Microsoft, Siemens, Disney and Coca-Cola. It is also used by educational establishments, sport teams, fitness groups and personal-development forums.

The Goal Mapping Workshop

This one or twoo days course is focused on helping people and teams learn how to steer change towards the direction of their desires, through the process of Goal Mapping.

Participants will learn through brief lecture sessions, skill practices, interactive work and a fully illustrated workbook. The workshop can be organised intra-enterprise with a dedicated focus on the challenge of the team or extra-entreprise with people coming from different business horizons, all happy to learn from each other and to share the Goal Mapping experience. The trainers are certified Goal Mapping Practitioners with solid business experience in senior roles in Belgium and abroad. The training is in French or in English on demand.

Workshop outline

  • Discover and practice the famous Goal Mapping method to set and visualize objectives as developed by Brian Mayne and actively steer your business towards success.
  • What you need to know about the functioning of your brain to unlock its potential and open new opportunities.
  • The seven factors for sustainable success.
  • The seven principles to succesfully formulate your goals.
  • Very concretely, the seven key steps of Goal Mapping to clarify your objectives and your values, to set clear and realistic ambitions, to identify the key steps to take to move on and the resources to activate.
  • How to leverage the goal map and make it come alive in your daily and business life.
  • At the end of the training, you will go away with your personal goal map, expressed with words and drawings using the unique and efficient Goal Mapping method. You will be able to transform opportunities into sustainable success.
  • In case of personalized intra-company workshop, the team will realise a team goal map that will be it’s roadmap for the futur

To learn more, or to book a Workshop for you please get in touch.

Different ways to start Goal Mapping:

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